Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the year of the doe

The doe series were developed during the 2008.
the most important changes are the use of soft ground techniques to get a pencil quality in the final print and the use of Okawara paper as a surface for this image.
Hybrids are interesting subjects of my art work, since they different qualities are put together, to give human qualities to animals and give animal qualities to humans.

Herd 2007 Soft ground and polyester litho plate

Near the wild heart 2008 installation detail

Gaze 2008 soft ground on Kitakata paper. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Doe Moss 2008 soft ground. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Ombre gardienne 2008 soft ground. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Belle 2008 Dry point, roller and stencil

Biche 2008 etching and roller

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  1. Hello again Teresa,

    just been enjoying having a look at your blog again and I am wondering what this paper Okawara is like. It mab be a kind of paper that I remember a South African collegaue using when I was doing postgraduate printmaking at Wimbledon Coll. of Art ( Univ.Arts London). It was a paper that was kind of yellowish and had a translucent quality when you held it up to the light. It was kind of lightweight. Does that sound anything like what you are using ?? It was very nice and she let me have a few offcuts - I thought that I might like to try it in the future. I did try to get it another occasion from my printmaker supplier in London and sent him a sample but he didn't come up with anything.

    I notice you have a dry point posted here ...what plate material did you use? Have you done much in the way of this technique ? What tools/objects did you use to make marks?

    I am just about to make a piece and it has to be just dry point (no other techniques/processes). It's for a competition. I am supposed to be working on the image for it, at the moment, but not getting anywhere fast - you know how it is sometimes!!