Monday, July 6, 2009

Reina Ursa

A new body of work about kingdoms, queens, roots, and noblesse

Wisdom Etching and soft ground on Okawara paper 2009

Queen Etching and soft ground on Okawara paper 2009

Noblesse Soft ground and relief print on okawara paper, 2009

The harvest Etching and softground on Okawara paper 2009

Reina Osa Etching and soft ground on Okawara paper 2009

Reina Ursa Relief print and soft ground on Okawara paper 2009

Kingdom Etching, relief print and soft ground on Okawara paper 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Print exhibition at MX Espai
Teresa Gomez Martorell

First animals and strange fruits

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hours of light/hores de llum

I would like to introduce my new body of work:

From drawing to plate

Friday, February 20, 2009

the year of the bear

Reina Ursa Etching 2009

Regina etching on chine collee, 2009

Ursula drypoint on chine collee, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

the year of the doe

The doe series were developed during the 2008.
the most important changes are the use of soft ground techniques to get a pencil quality in the final print and the use of Okawara paper as a surface for this image.
Hybrids are interesting subjects of my art work, since they different qualities are put together, to give human qualities to animals and give animal qualities to humans.

Herd 2007 Soft ground and polyester litho plate

Near the wild heart 2008 installation detail

Gaze 2008 soft ground on Kitakata paper. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Doe Moss 2008 soft ground. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Ombre gardienne 2008 soft ground. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Belle 2008 Dry point, roller and stencil

Biche 2008 etching and roller

Thursday, January 29, 2009

the year of the transition

The doe series was created after I moved to Austin. First I still was inspired in the wolfish world. I moved to Sunset Valley, in South Austin. Every morning there was a herd of deer in front of my home and I decided they should become the main characters of my art work. In these series, hooves and paws get together. But deer are coming soon.

Doe 2007 Soft ground on Okawara paper

She does 2007 Soft ground and lithography on Okawara paper

Cierva 2007 Soft ground and spit bite on Okawara paper

Line of blood 2007 soft ground on Okawara paper

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The year of the wolf

Wolves were my first animals.

Narcissus 2007 Intaglio relief print. courtesy of Flatbed Press

Tiene la loba cinco lobitos 2007 intaglio relief print. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Lobos 2006 etching on mulberry paper

Lobos 2006 Etching on mulberry paper

Mother wolf 2006 Relief etching

Mother wolf 2006 Etching printed on a felt

Lobabella 2007 etching, woodcut and embroidery on Kitakata paper

Bridesmaid 2008 Relief print, etching on Okawara paper and embroidery

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

installation-three dimension

Drawings and prints come out from the paper

Aurora 2008 Installation and wall drawing

Manada 2007 oil pastel and acrylic on a window pane. Mockingbird Station, Dallas

Dogmagnolia 2006 Bronze

Protection 2006 Installation. Wax scuplture, dried flowers dipped in wax, embroidery and ropes


Books allow me to combine image and a story. Those books were made with old press blankets. The idea is to create an art work using very poor materials and found objects. Each object speaks by itself, it has a story to tell us.

The book of Snake 2006 Hand bound book on kitakata paper. Etching, wood print and embroidery

The book of Loba hand bound book on kitakata paper. Etching, woodcut and embroidery

Luciernaga 2005 Hand bound book on kitakata paper. Stencil, embroidery, aluminium foil, digital print

Map of human heart 2006 map with a felt folder. Woodcut, etching and embroidery

Monday, January 26, 2009


As a sort of statement.
Animals were my beloved beings since the beginning of my life. When I was a teenager I wanted to become a vet. But the Vet School was far away from home and there is no tradition of leaving home in my family. Since I was not allowed to leave home, I decided to leave my mind and I became an artist.
Life took another directions. I tried hard to do what is expected from an artist. At last I became a frustrated vet who loves to draw things: mainly animals and create stories.
Surrealism and poetry are main topics in my art work. I feel that images come to me, as messengers of something unknown but familiar at the same time. Hybrids are a way to give an entity to those unknown, strange beings, to those awkward beings who do not know how to behave in this world and they feel strange and out of place.

I told one of my professors: "Here I feel free" And he answered me ironically: "Yes, you are in the land of freedom". He did not know my story, but at some point, he knows why animals are my beloved beings.