Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Live Oak Art Center 2011 Annual Juried Art Exhibition

Intaglio and collage

Humanimal. The arms

Humanimal. The Embrace

A great news: I won the first price of the 2011 Annual Juried Art Exhibition of the Live Oak Art Center in Columbus, Tx. Those were the selected art works. Clint Willour was in the jury and I am very honored about the selection since all participants sent great and amazing art work. The only thing is I am in Santa Fe and it was not possible to be by the opening and get together with all the people who came to the opening and share a good afternoon.


  1. Teresa You deserve this award so much - sorry to be so late with my response. I am looking for your book - which maybe sound like a kind of madness.
    Did you actually make a digitally printed book ( for sale on e.g. bLURB or LUlu, with a selection of your images?

    Perhaps I misunderstood your email.

    best wishes


  2. Hi,Aine, I self published a book by a company in Barcelona called the private space ( You design the book and you send the images to them, so they print it It is not a Blurb thing since I have the physical books with me but I am really interested on the Blurb stuff. Just give me some days to have a look to see how it works.
    But definitely, I'll very happy to participate in your project.
    ps: do you have an email to reach you?

  3. If you see the page, you will see some of the images