Monday, January 26, 2009


As a sort of statement.
Animals were my beloved beings since the beginning of my life. When I was a teenager I wanted to become a vet. But the Vet School was far away from home and there is no tradition of leaving home in my family. Since I was not allowed to leave home, I decided to leave my mind and I became an artist.
Life took another directions. I tried hard to do what is expected from an artist. At last I became a frustrated vet who loves to draw things: mainly animals and create stories.
Surrealism and poetry are main topics in my art work. I feel that images come to me, as messengers of something unknown but familiar at the same time. Hybrids are a way to give an entity to those unknown, strange beings, to those awkward beings who do not know how to behave in this world and they feel strange and out of place.

I told one of my professors: "Here I feel free" And he answered me ironically: "Yes, you are in the land of freedom". He did not know my story, but at some point, he knows why animals are my beloved beings.

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