Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The year of the wolf

Wolves were my first animals.

Narcissus 2007 Intaglio relief print. courtesy of Flatbed Press

Tiene la loba cinco lobitos 2007 intaglio relief print. Courtesy of Flatbed Press

Lobos 2006 etching on mulberry paper

Lobos 2006 Etching on mulberry paper

Mother wolf 2006 Relief etching

Mother wolf 2006 Etching printed on a felt

Lobabella 2007 etching, woodcut and embroidery on Kitakata paper

Bridesmaid 2008 Relief print, etching on Okawara paper and embroidery

1 comment:

  1. M'agrada molt la teva sèrie de llops, especialment els gravats "Narcissus" i"Bridesmaid" amb líneas blanques sobre fons negre... ho trobo molt suggerent!